Seller Questions – When is the Best Time to List a Home for Sale?

When is the Best Time to List a Home for Sale? Turns out it’s Mid-Week.

The Caton Team knows the significance of time in Real Estate – it’s even in the contract. When we represent a home – The Caton Team prefers to go on the market mid-week to ensure that Buyers and their Realtors have time to connect, view the home and review disclosures. We know the strength of an offer relies on the confidence of the Buyer. When Buyers are given time to do their due diligence – it will only increase the quality of the offer a Seller receives.

It’s hard in a market when some homes are sold with pre-emptive offers in seconds and it feels like pure madness. I firmly believe the industry can temper this by allowing a home to be marketed for a week at a minimum, hey – throw us a few extra days please – and set an offer date at least 7-9 days out. However, each home is a unique situation and requires its own game plan. 

With Buyers writing non-contingent, significantly over list price offers… With the effort Sellers are putting forth to move out, prep, and stage a home for sale – mid-pandemic – as an industry, we should give Buyers time to digest disclosures in order to write that ‘knock it out of the park’ offer. By listing mid-week and not only on Fridays – we’re giving Home Buyers and their Realtors time to do things properly.

We no longer need to rely on weekend open houses and broker tours for market exposure. The Caton Team uses 3D tours, Virtual Tours, amazing photography, and a complete disclosure package to ensure our potential Buyers know what they’re buying before they walk in the door. 

In response to the article – the reason homes sell for more when listed mid-week comes down to the theme of this post – time! When working with Home Buyers, if the Caton Team has time to run the offer price by our lender – time to review disclosures page by page with our clients. When we have time to call inspectors with follow-up questions – our clients can write stronger offers because they’ve had the time to do their due diligence or as I like to say – homework. A Buyer’s clarity and understanding of their largest financial undertaking will result in a stronger and more confident offer. A Win-Win for all parties. It’s sound business practices that are the cornerstone of our service.

The Caton Team successfully represents both Buyers and Sellers in order to know the idiosyncrasies for both sides. When we listed Belmont – this home was shown daily for 9 days from 7am to 9pm. Not soley on weekends. It’s clear, demand is out there for housing in the Bay Area – regardless of the price point. 

My advice to Buyers – anyone just seeing homes on the weekend is a day late and a dollar short. In our experience, clients who make time to view homes during the week – have more time to review disclosures, ask questions, follow up with inspectors and draft a non-contingent offer they not only understand but feel comfortable and confidant signing. We’ve had better success and often get our clients their first or second offer because our clients make time for the largest financial investment of their lives.  

No matter the market, The Caton Team believes in order to be successful in the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market we have to think and act differently. We do this by positioning our clients in the strongest light, representing them with integrity, while strategically maneuvering through negotiations and contracts.  

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Article from

Homes that are listed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday tend to sell for $1,700 more than homes listed on the weekend—in some markets that could be even thousands of dollars more. These middle-of-the-week listed homes also sell nearly two days faster, according to new research from the real estate brokerage Redfin, which tracked home sales data from July 2020 to February 2021 nationwide.

“Because the market is so competitive right now, most homes will receive plenty of attention regardless of when they’re listed,” says Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist. “But Sellers can still maximize their potential profit simply by listing in the middle of the week, which gives potential Buyers a few days to see the home, talk to their agent, and set up a showing for Saturday or Sunday.”

A separate study from® also shows the best time of year to list a home is the week of April 18-24. Sellers who list their homes next week could have 5% less competition, sell eight days faster, and see 11% more online page views than the average week, according to the analysis.

Regardless, to have the most selling success, price the home appropriately from the start—which includes not underpricing the home. “If the home is priced too high, fewer Buyers will see the home, but if it’s priced too low, the Seller may be inundated with so many tour requests a serious Buyers could give up before laying eyes on it,” Fairweather says. “The goal is to get as many serious Buyers as possible to tour your home, make offers, and drive up the sales price.”

The Redfin study found that homes listed in midweek in Boston tended to sell for an average of $7,100 more than homes listed on the weekend. Boston had the largest premium of the 25 metro areas tracked in the analysis. Other markets noticing a high premium included Newark, N.J. (homes listed midweek tended to sell for $4,500 more); Seattle ($4,400); Oakland, Calif. ($3,500); and Denver ($3,200).


List Your Home in the Middle of the Week to Sell for More Money,” Redfin (April 13, 2021) and “The Best Time to Sell a Home: The Week of April 18-24,”® (April 15, 2021)

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