A Plan to Move Your Data to the Cloud

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A Plan to Move Your Data to the Cloud – By The Daily News


Are you considering moving your data from hard drives and paper files to a service that will store information in a place that is accessible online? David Spark, CEO and president of Spark Media Solutions in San Francisco, Calif., says very few businesses have an actual plan for moving their workflow to the cloud, and that they’re risking increased costs and complexity without one.


Spark spoke to dozens of cloud computing experts and gathered a comprehensive set of tips to help businesses move to the cloud more seamlessly.

  • Don’t just do it because it seems like you should. “You need to have a good reason to migrate existing or develop new workloads to the cloud,” said Terence Ngai, head of cloud delivery management for HP. “Don’t be fluffy on the metrics. Be clear on what and how you’re measuring progress and success. You need concrete metrics to show success and credibility of your cloud initiatives.”
  • Understand what you’re getting, and how much it’s going to cost. “Evaluate providers carefully using a comprehensive framework such as the one at CSMIC,” advised Scott Feuless, principal consultant with Information Services Group. “Comparing them is not for the faint of heart. Get help if you need it.”
  • Make sure your data is secure. Know the legal requirements of your business’ data entry and storage, consulting third-party sources to make sure you’re compliant. Robert Moulton, CEO of Seven10 Storage Software, recommends you “choose cloud storage offerings that offer multiple layers of security and trust services with the ability to enforce and audit policy on the workloads and data they are storing within a cloud storage environment.”

“The one piece of advice we heard from every expert is that cloud adoption is a journey and you should not expect to fully understand it on day one, day 23 or day 223. It’s an evolving process, and sharing knowledge with others who are ahead of you in the journey will be to your great benefit,” Spark says.

Spark has more than a dozen other tips on how to train staff and implement cloud solutions, accessible in the source link below.

Source: “16 Tips for Moving Your Workloads to the Cloud,” Enterprise CIO Forum (Nov. 10, 2014)

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