The Caton Team and Landed – Teacher Down Payment Assistance Program

For those of you in the know – you may have heard of the Landed Grant for local teachers.  It is an amazing down payment assistance program to keep our teachers here – with us.

In July of 2017 we heard about the program and we reached out to Landed directly – eager to work with local teachers and keep their talent in our local schools.

Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a couple of Landed teachers and I am so proud to say – The Caton Team got them into HOMES! 

The Real Estate Market in the Bay Area has been booming with no signs of stopping.  When we sat down with our Landed clients we made sure we knew their time line and they knew how the market works.  It didn’t take them long to see how quickly homes were selling and truly how competitive it is.  

Sometimes in order to succeed you’ve got to go against the crowds and in order for us to get homes – not condos for our teachers we did have to go against the grain.  But with their trust and determination – together we were able to find them a lovely home – and make an offer without any competition.

It was an amazing moment for us.  Our client realized the speed of the market and adjusted their course.  They had their eyes on a home that didn’t sell right away and we had a chance to be the only offer, to offer below list price and have time for contingencies – terms we rarely see anymore.  The seller and their agent were wonderful to work with – and together we mades their dreams come true.

You don’t need to be a teacher to put us to work.  The Caton Team are full time Realtors, with over 35 years of combined, local real estate experience.  We work hard for each of our clients to turn their dreams into realty.  How can The Caton Team help you?

Got Questions – The Caton Team is here to help. We are but a call or click away!

The Caton Team is comprised of Susan and Sabrina Caton – a mother/daughter in law team.  We are full time, local Realtors with over 35 years of combined Real Estate experience.  How can The Caton Team help you?

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Got Questions? – The Caton Team is here to help.  

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Please note –

Landed is not exclusively for traditional, classroom teachers.

Landed believes that education doesn’t happen just in the classroom; it also happens in the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the gym, in the guidance counselor’s office, in the bandroom… Schools are like a village: there are many different people playing many different roles and it takes each and every one of them to build a healthy environment for our students.

Landed’s mission is to uphold those who uphold us, and that means upholding each and every person pulling their weight to educate America’s future. All staff members who have worked for a minimum of two years at least part-time in a partner public or partner charter school are eligible to use Landed’s down payment support. This includes classroom teachers, coaches, interventionists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, nurses, administrators, social workers, occupational therapists, department chairs, security guards, physical therapists, janitors, principals, and the many more valuable professionals working tirelessly to make a difference in students’ lives everyday.

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