All the Apps in the World – Cannot Replace A Realtor

We Realtors spend our weekends hosting open houses in order to meet clients.  That’s what Realtors do, we connect people with homes. Funny thing is, everyone walks in holding their smart phone, no need for a flyer, all the info right there on the App.  Great!  So, why am I here again?  Oh yay — because as a professional, full time Realtor – I do much more than an App can.

Finding a home, yup — the Apps makes it easy.  Literally finding the home — directions from the smart home — even easier.  But getting the home?  As a Realtor – that is what I specialize in — negotiations.

Does the App feel your pain, when your offer isn’t accepted?  Does the App know what you’re going through, looking at a ton of homes and getting out bid?  Or as the market is now, seeing a ton of homes and not knowing which one to pursue?  It’s hard when some are selling fast and others are not.  The App doesn’t understand — but we Realtors do.

Sure an app makes forms easy to fill out — but that doesn’t translate into making negotiating a cinch.  Nope, there is so much more than ticking off a box to an offer.  So much behind the paper, so much after the paper — an App can’t walk you through surprises like a Realtor can. 

Does an App know how best to present an offer, what addenda to include, what other supporting documents to send along?  Maybe an App as a few options — but it doesn’t posses the wisdom and know-how that a Realtor has gained with hands on experience.  Does the App bring comparables to meet the appraiser?  Will the App review that appraisal to make sure it is correct, all the rooms and baths are accounted, the size is accurate and the comparables are true?  Does an App do that?  It’s more than cross referencing online stats, it’s walking through a home and knowing it’s vaule.  No, the App doesn’t do that — and neither do the discount brokerages for that matter!  I’ll tell you who reads that appraisal with a fine tooth come – I do, a Realtor and my fellow solid Realtors do too.  The Apps – they don’t do that. 

Will the App hunt the lender down to review that appraisal if there are errors, will the App call out those who need to be accounted for?  Does the App know who to call the title company or explain an inspection — better yet — get the inspector to come out and explain it directly to you?  Does the App haggle the home warranty company when they don’t do their job?  No, the App doesn’t — but I do.

Will the App find a roofer, well guy,  HVAC or plumber at a moments noticed because a red flag popped dup.  Will the App even know a red flag when it sees it?  Does an App even have eyes? Lol  Does the App have a dozen stagers, inspectors, and tradesmen they can rely on?  Because we Realtors do!  Does an App make specific recommendations tailored to your homes and needs?  We Realtors do.  The Caton Team will sit down with our clients and explain each process in detail because we’re more than an App, we’re people just like you.   

We’ve answered all the questions over the years…what is the escrow process, what are the steps to staying ‘in contract,’ what’s the market like today?  We’ll create and review an accurate market valuation with you and not just regurgitate online assumptions.  As Realtors, we’ll describe your specific contractual obligations, we’ll review contracts and deeds, encumbrances, surveys, clouded title, lot lines, septic systems, shared wells, deed restrictions, local ordinances, and… the list goes on and on.   As Realtors, such as The Caton Team – we will sit down with you, our client and discuss with honesty your needs and the best course of action. 

Because as Realtors we know how much money should be put into a home before it’s sale and keep that bottom line.  We’ll guide our sellers on what repairs they should or shouldn’t invest in.  We Realtors know what to put in and where, maybe it’s landscaping or carpet and paint — each house and each client is different.  We know what it takes.  We’re more than an app.  We’re The Caton Team and as full time, local Realtors we’ll even tell you no — now is not the time to buy or sell because… will an App do that?

Don’t get me wrong – I love technology and The Caton Team utilizes all we can.  But there is now substitute to looking at another person and knowing that they care and are looking after you during the highest financial decision you can make — investing in Real Estate.  The App can’t do that — but The Caton Team can.  Wouldn’t you like to work with someone who cares about you?  We’re more than an App – we’re The Caton Team – contact us for your Real Estate needs. 

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