Tips and Tech That Help Create a Welcoming Home

When I read this article – I was blown away by our day in age.  Sure – I knew all these gadets exsisted but when you read it all at once – well – it’s science fiction irl.


You can have a more stress-free home and save time on tasks and chores. Here are some great time-saving tips and technology that help make your daily routine more efficient and create a welcoming home for you and your family.

20 Time-Saving Tips That Say “Welcome”

In the manor homes of old, you might have been greeted with a “Welcome home” by the butler. Now you can be welcomed home by a home assistant. Home assistants and other modern smart devices can do a lot of time-saving tasks that help make a more welcoming home.

Techy Efficiency

Voice-controlled home assistant – Who doesn’t need an assistant? Use your home assistant for simple things like checking weather, traffic, ordering food, or daily reminders. You can also program it for bigger tasks like controlling smart home gadgets for lights, thermostats, and locks.

Charging pads – If your phone/tablet chargers seem to travel and disappear throughout the house, get a few charging pads and place in convenient areas of the house to save time and frustration.

Grocery lists – Add an app to your smart phone to create lists, scan bar codes, and even keep track of your food inventory. Or get an electronic voice recognition grocery organizer. They’re a little larger than smart phones, and have an internal printer to print your list.

Trackers – If you commonly misplace your keys, wallet, or other important items, don’t waste time looking for them any longer. Simply attach a tracker and then check the app for location.

Smart locks – Not sure you locked your front door when you left? Now with smart locks you can lock and unlock your door remotely and even give guests easy access to your home. There are also similar controls and monitoring for your garage door.

Cozy Comfort and Lighting

Smart light bulbs – These new LED bulbs let you use an app not only to turn lights on and off, but also to change bulb colors and dim or brighten the light. Some bulbs even have built-in speakers.

Programmable timers – Never come home to a dark house again. Set your lights on timers that come on at dusk for convenience and security. Choose from manual or digital wall switches, power strips, Wi-Fi-enabled timers, and more.

Programmable battery candles – Set timers to come on at dusk and enjoy the welcome home feeling of a soft flickering light, indoors or out.

Smart or programmable thermostats – Use program settings to keep temperatures comfy year round, and save money, too. Or go “smart” and use an app to monitor and make changes remotely. Smart thermostats will also work with your home assistant.

Kitchen Easy

Coffee and tea – Set your coffee pot timer to auto-brew and wake up to freshly brewed coffee. Or, for French press or tea drinkers, use an electric kettle to quickly and efficiently heat water. Step it up and go for a Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker or electric kettle and operate from your computer, phone, or voice-controlled home assistant device.

Crock pot – Prep food for crock-pot recipes when you have time, then freeze. Thaw overnight in fridge, place in crock pot in the morning and slow cook all day. Nothing says “Welcome home” like “Dinner’s ready!”

Bread machine – Few things compare to the smell and taste of fresh, warm, bread. Let the machine do the mixing, kneading, proving, and baking.

Pressure cooker – Reduce cooking times for many recipes by as much as 70%. You can cook medium-size artichokes in about 10 minutes. Less time to cook means more time to do what you enjoy.

Digital cooking thermometer – Bluetooth models allow you to monitor the internal temp of food without having to keep checking it. Cuts down on how often you open the oven door, too.

Chore Friendly

Robot vacuums – Automatic vacuums save time and are a big help staying on top of pet hair and other allergens.

Indoor plant care – Keep your plants happy and spend less time maintaining. Use fertilizer spikes or time-release fertilizers. Try watering globes for those extra thirsty plants that need watering often.

Self-cleaning litter box – Cut down on cleaning time and help reduce odors.

Programmable pet feeders – Save time feeding pets. Great if you’re out for long periods or have pets with restricted intake diets.

Grooming de-shedding glove – While relaxing and petting your pet, you’ll be multi-tasking by getting rid of the dog and cat hair before it covers your clothes, furniture, and floors.

Paper shredder – Go through your mail next to the paper shredder, it’s a quick way to deal with junk mail and paperwork, and no chance of it piling up. Your time is precious. Using modern tech can help you save time at home. You’ll also feel like you’re creating a more welcoming home, giving you the enjoyable down time you need, rather than scrambling to finish daily tasks.

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