The Importance of your Home Owners Insurance

In light of the home fire in San Carlos this weekend, my Monday Market Update video on Instagram and Facebook reminds us of the importance of Home Owners Insurance – also known as Fire Insurance. 

Please note, Flood and Earthquake insurance are entirely different and not part of today’s topic.

If you’ve ever bought a home with a home loan, you have Home Owners Insurance.  However, did you know that as time goes by, as you update your home, as you buy a better computers, maybe a new wedding ring, or upgrade to new appliances, your policy may fall short?  All that is your home and all that is inside your home falls under your Home Owners Insurance and should something happen – you want and need to ensure you are properly covered.  In light of the Santa Rosa fires – this topic should be top of mind.  Fire is one thing, we know it will consume everything in sight.  But the fire isn’t the only damage.  Imagine a small attic fire – you think – that’s ok my furniture wasn’t burned.  Did you consider what it takes to put out a fire?  How to get to the fire?  Sometimes the water damage in putting out the fire is worse than the fire itself.  Nonetheless it is imperative to make sure you are properly covered. 

Now, right now, this week, is a great time to call your Insurance Agent and set a revaluation appointment to go over your policy together.  Chances are, your home has changed since the day you bought it.  Don’t forget to speak to your Insurance rep about CODE UPGRADE.  Especially if you bought your home several years ago.  Adding the code upgrade to your policy can and will make all the difference if you are impacted by a fire or other home damage.  Chances are the policy in place is to rebuild the home to – let’s say –  to 1960’s standards but your home has been updated, you want and need to build your same home by today’s standards and costs – so that means you need a Code Upgrade on your policy.

Take some time to document your personal items of value.  Jewelry, computers, antiques, collectables, your furniture, clothes, kitchen cabinets, granite counters, name brand –  top of the line appliances, these all cost money to replace.  Gather as much information as you can so you can get the proper coverage.  A little extra work today can make all the difference should something happen tomorrow.

The Caton Team – we are Realtors and cannot give any advice beyond Real Estate.  This blog post is meant as a gentle reminder to call your Insurance provider directly and set a revaluation appointment as soon as possible. 

Oh – on that note, you do NOT have to be a home owner to insure your personal property.  Renters Insurance is just as important and covers the TENANTS personal belogings.  You can’t rely on the Landlords Insurance to make you whole – what if they are under insured?  Protect yourself and your life – get home and/or renters insurnace.

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