Why Homebuyers Pass Up Good Homes

Selling your home takes hard work and commitment to get it ready to impress buyers. ย While you cannot control the market, you can control your home’s appeal. ย Don’t let the following reasons make buyers pass on purchasing your home!

  1. PRICE: ย If you price your home too high, the right buyer won’t see it, and the ones who do see it will quickly realize other homes in the same ring offer more value.
  2. CLUTTER: ย If your tables are full to the edge with photos, figurines, mail and coffee cups, buyers will be more focused on trying not to break something than considering your home for purchase. ย To much stuff makes it confusing for buyers to see the rooms clearly, so they’ll move onto to a cleaner choice. ย Not because the house is “dirty” – simply because you so clearly live there and the buyer can’t see past “your” house to “their” house. ย When going to sell it is time to start packing up everything! ย I sometimes find myself distracted by photos or art that even a pro – gets swept up! ย It is important to present your home in a simply fashion so the buyer can mentally move in.
  3. DEFERREDย MAINTENANCE: ย Buyers really want home that’s been well-maintained, so it’s your job as the homeowner to keep your home in good condition. ย You don’t want buyers wondering what needs fixing and how much that will cost BEFORE they write their offer. ย Chances are if the list is too long they’ll find a better suited home for their needs and budget.
  4. OUTDATED Dร‰COR: ย The reason people are looking at your home instead of buying brand new is because of cost and location. ย They want your neighborhood but not a dated-looking home. ย Take popcorn ceilings and flocked wallpaper down BEFORE you go on the market. ย Replace carpet with an upgrade or perhaps hardwood floors. ย Even vinyl flooring makes better sense than saying “the new owner can change it”. ย Chances are there will be no new owner if they can’t see past the old.
  5. SMELLS: ย There’s not a buyer in the world who will buy a home that smells like pets, dirt or water damage. ย If you get an offer at all, it will be low and contingent on a positive inspection. ย Replace the carpets and drapes and soft materials around the home that retain smells. ย Repaint. ย Prepare the home to be showcased.

Whenever you place your home on the market, you truly need to look at the home through difference eyes. ย Get it ready to sell – make it shine!

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