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I’m on hold at the moment.  Waiting to hear how many offers are coming in on my clients dream home.  Wondering if we offered enough.  Oh the joys of Real Estate in the Silicon Valley.

This isn’t the first time I’ve waited on hold, nor the last.  Though this is the first time I’ve waited long enough to start a blog post – so that tells you something.  Tenacity.  I’m not hanging up until I know.

You see, once I find out where we stand, I can call my clients and update our strategy.  Because it isn’t over until it’s over – and if we’re not the best offer – well gosh darn it – we will be.  Or try to be.

– I know Yoda – there is no try.  But I tell you – it doesn’t hurt to try.

When The Caton Team has the trust and confidence of our clients – we can do anything…

… As soon as the lovely agent concierge gives me the latest news.

I am so proud to say – that in 2017 – sellers left money on the table to work with The Caton Team buying clients.  That says something.  Furthermore, there were no side deals, no commission re-negotiations, nothing but a good clean offer and our Caton Team offer package.    Because The Caton Team knows what it takes – good old fashioned hard work.  Because when I say – sellers left money on the table – I mean – our buyers didn’t offer the most money for property in Silicon Valley – BUT – we had the best offer package and the hustle to ensure – we will close escrow.  That’s the name of the game.  You can offer all the money in the world and it doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t close escrow.

As my mother always told me.  Talk is cheap.  It’s all about the action.  Her words ring true today.

I’m still on hold…

I’ve been a Realtor for a lucky 15 years now, Susan for 20.  However in the past decade give or take, Real Estate has changed dramatically.  In fact, the past 5 years have been a revolution if you’ve been in the thick of it.  I was able to see how the internet – wait – mobile devices – single handedly changed everything.  It’s amazing.

By the looks of commercials, just a push of a button will summon someone to open the door and show a home.  That’s perfect – that’s grand!  I wish I could offer such amazing services, thing is – I’m probably across town showing homes and meeting inspectors for the pre-sale checklist – that I can’t drop everything to – well – literally just open a door.  So I wonder…

Do people still need Realtors?  Or is there an App for that?

In my humble opinion, the answer is YES, professional Realtors are still needed, relevant and imperative – especially in the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market.  As long as we are human, making one of the largest financial decisions in our lives, and for as many algorithms and apps with data we have – there are some things you cannot replicate.  Experience,  knowledge and the ability to navigate a contract in a market that moves so damn fast.

Not every Realtor is the same mind you.  I’m speaking on behalf of myself, Susan and a bountiful handful of awesome Realtors who get it.  We offer so much more than just opening a door.  There’s an app for that – what The Caton Team brings to the table is knowledge, experience, negotiations skills that turn our buyers into homeowners.

The Silicon Valley Real Estate Market is on par with New York now as one of the hottest Real Estate Markets in America and it also happens to be in our back yard.

Though this post was dedicated to our Buying clients in this hot market – Selling a home is just as challenging.  It’s not just putting a sign in the yard or a link on the net.  Alas – that’s a blog for another day.  Because….

…I’m off hold – so it’s back to work!

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